No Vengeance Zone Program

This program is specifically geared towards making sure that schools are complying with the guidlelines of DASA. The Dignity for All Students Act declares that it is state policy to afford all students in public schools an environment free of discrimination and harassment. This program is based off of the book No Room For Vengeance in Justice and Healing and its complimentary lesson plan.

This program has Seven Teachings:

  1. We are all profoundly interconnected – we all share the same basic needs as humans, and these needs must be met in order for everyone to maintain a balance.
  2. The ripple effect – each of our actions has the potential to effect anyone.
  3. Accountability – just because we can not always see the consequences of our actions, we must take accountability for the decisions we make.
  4. See humanity through understanding– anger and actions based on vengeance can be replaced with feelings of empathy and actions based on forgiveness.
  5. Authentic dialogue– observations are made without judgements, feelings are expressed, needs are known, and requests are made.
  6. Searching for the goodness in each other – we create the possibility for positive transformations in people.
  7.  Challenge each other to make a greater wave by doing good with your life and play it forward with forgiveness.